Recipe: Soy trotter soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Soy trotter soup


Girls drink more trotters soup and breast enhancement (Feng...Feng...Blood chest--), and super simple ~



  1. The pig's trotters are washed and the soybeans are soaked softly. Ginger slices (1-2 pieces can be used), and the green onions are cut into long pieces of about 2 cm (a piece can be)

  2. Add eight points of water to the saucepan and put all the ingredients in (1)

  3. Boil the fire, simmer slowly until it is soft and smashed

  4. Season with appropriate salt before cooking, sprinkle with diced green onion


There is no need to put seasonings when stewing. Just use ginger slices of garlic to taste. Season it before cooking. I used a small fire slow-cooking electric cooker, and directly open the automatic file to sit back and relax. And it doesn't boil and doesn't bash, and there is no obvious change in the water level for 9 hours. My mother gave me a strong recommendation and then delivered it. Plug in the electricity at night, in the morning, there will be soup to drink ~ super easy.

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