Recipe: Soymilk can also make jam (super simple)

Home Cooking Recipe: Soymilk can also make jam (super simple)


Children love to eat bread, home jam is essential, buy not worry, too many additives, looked at a lot of jam recipes, I feel the most troublesome is to keep stirring on the side of the pot, otherwise, I didn’t pay attention to it. Recently, my friend told me that you can do it with Soymilk. Try it quickly and promote it immediately, so that you don't have to worry about it anymore. There is no worries, and the safe green additive-free jam is done.



  1. Washed fruit

  2. Peeled and nucleated

  3. Cut small pieces

  4. Add salt to the white sugar and add lemon juice

  5. Pour the fruit together with the juice into the soymilk machine

  6. My family is only three functions in the previous years. I chose the Grain Soymilk button. Everyone chooses the button according to the type of Soymilk, and puts it in a cool bottle.


This test uses apricot, it is easy to check the soymilk machine has the upper and lower limits of the water level. When it is insufficient, add some water to the dry bottle without oil and water, and take a clean spoon. Since there is no additive, it will be solved in a week or so as soon as possible.

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