Recipe: Spaghetti bolognese with red sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Spaghetti bolognese with red sauce


Ever since I used the food color, I always forgot to come to the kitchen to show my face. This time, the last spaghetti sauce was a must-have for studying in the UK!



  1. First, do a pot of water to boil and then pour the pasta, have been boiled and cooked over medium heat, it takes about 10 minutes, I feel almost fished and tasted. (The pasta can be strip-shaped or arbitrarily shaped, depending on personal hobbies, personally feel that macaroni is still delicious.)

  2. While cooking the noodles, diced the onions, then add another oil pan, preferably with olive oil, so that the pure Italian wind. After the oil is hot, the onion diced with sauté

  3. Now you can stir-fry the meat and stir it. When it is slightly discolored, cook some white wine (no white wine or cooking wine)

  4. The tomatoes are also chopped with minced meat and minced meat, then added to the tomato sauce, and slowly simmered on a small fire. (In fact, the pure Italy does not add ketchup, but for the Chinese people will always feel that something is missing, so I usually come together.)

  5. Add a little salt and pepper to the sauce, and add sugar if you feel sour. When you are ready, put out the pot. Add the olive oil and mix well, and spread the sauce on the surface. You're done! Enjoy it now.


Pure Italian-style pasta with beef filling, with a little pork stuffing, because the beef stuffing is relatively thin, the two kinds of meat stuffing will not have a very good feeling of wood (I also think that beef stuffing and tomato are together Milk aroma!) Conditional can buy a little basil leaves or spices such as rosemary chopped on the surface, will be amazing to you! In the photo, I have some peas and carrots, which are yours. In fact, there is a lot of space for pasta creation!

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