Recipe: Spicy beef sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy beef sauce


Autumn is a season of harvest and a busy season for the cooks. Colleagues are busy drying vegetables, frozen vegetables, pickled pickles, and I have made this amazing sauce, which can be used as a side dish, and can be used as a cold dish or hot dish seasoning---"Spicy Beef Sauce". With the same recipe, on Monday, several colleagues who had made beef sauce each took a bottle. When they were eating at noon, they asked everyone to taste it. (There was no specific bottle to tell who was taken beforehand). Colleagues are pointing to a bottle: this is delicious! The answer is: the amount is done. For this sauce, a few people ate a steamed bun with a hot sauce. Also rely on the amount said: all your faults caused by the sauce - fat you have to be responsible! ----俺 Who is this who is provoked? ! With such a box of sauce, it is really convenient. If you don't want to cook, just cook the noodles and put the sauce on it. Immediately after a bowl of parsley, the spicy beef noodles will become; in the morning, it will be late, a cup of milk, a piece of bread or steamed buns, microwaved and smeared with beef sauce. I have to eat old and fragrant; I want to make cold dishes, and the ready-made sauce mixes into a refreshing salad.



  1. Peanuts are boiled in boiling water for 1 hour, after the skin is soft, the skin is peeled off, fried with crispy, crushed

  2. Beef washed into minced meat

  3. Wash and control the red pepper, remove the roots and seeds, and break with a cooking machine (don't be too broken)

  4. Put the oil into the net (half a catty), stir the beef into a small fire, stir fry, and fry

  5. Put the other half of the oil into the pot, add the two sauces and stir well. Stir the sauce and stir-fry the sauce. Add the pepper and sugar to continue the stir-fry. After the pepper is cooked, add the meat and the tomato sauce. Turn off the fire after boiling

  6. After the beef sauce is cooled, add peanut crushed and cooked sesame and mix well to seal the bottle, put it in the refrigerator, and eat for 1 or 2 months.


If you think the sauce can be diluted with a small amount of water, but don't add more, otherwise there will be no dry smell.

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