Recipe: Spicy chilly

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy chilly



  1. Wash the cockroach

  2. Cut into slanted pieces, thickness about 0.5-1CM

  3. Cut the chopped scallions with water for 4-5 minutes to maintain a certain degree of brittleness

  4. Drain the water and then add salt to taste

  5. Sprinkle the dried chili noodles, then pour 7-8 into hot hot oil.

  6. Add sesame oil, pepper noodles, and sugar to each other.

  7. Stir constantly until each piece of enamel evenly adheres to the seasoning


You can get more when you are pouring oil. In order to make the bracts look so dry, the color can be very good, the taste will be much better~ but don't overdo it...

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