Recipe: Spicy fried chicken chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried chicken chop



  1. The chicken is washed into the water for 10 minutes, then washed and cut into small pieces.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, add ginger slices, scented in Jiayu County, Douban fire, stir fry red oil

  3. Add the chicken chop stir fry evenly add the appropriate amount of soy sauce stir fry, pour a little boiling water

  4. Continue to stir fry until the juice is added, add the shredded green pepper


1. I bought a chicken, very tender. So you can directly fry after the leeches. If it is a large chicken, the time of the leeches is best extended. Cook more and more cooked and stir-fry. 2. There are watercress and soy sauce in Pixian County, which is salty and does not need to be added with salt. 3. Add a little boiling water, extend the stir-fry time, and add flavor.

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