Recipe: Spicy fried flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried flower



  1. Heat the hot pot, pour the oil and turn to medium heat, add dried chili, pepper, and fragrant leaves;

  2. When the above ingredients start to change color, put ginger and garlic slices;

  3. After frying the seasoning, turn the fire and add the frying pan;

  4. The flowers are fried all over the mouth, and they are placed in the watercress, sugar, and onion segments of Pixian County;

  5. Continue to stir fry, stir fry the watercress of Pixian County, and then fill it.


After the flower is bought back, wash it 1-2 times. Add a small amount of salt in the water, then add a few drops of oil, put in the flower for a few hours, spit out the sand and then wash it. Seafood does not have fat, so it must be oily and fried enough to be "fragrant".

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