Recipe: Spicy pig lung

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy pig lung



  1. Cut the dried chili into small pieces, wash the green garlic and cut into pieces, and wash the slices with ginger.

  2. Put more oil in the pot, put in the dried chili and stir fry the red oil.

  3. Add green garlic, ginger and pepper

  4. Add the processed pig lungs to the fire and stir evenly

  5. Add cooking wine along the side of the pot and continue to stir fry

  6. Add the appropriate amount of salt, pepper, chicken seasoning, stir fry evenly. Add a few drops of sesame oil before the pan


1. When you fry the dried chilies, you should have a small fire to prevent the peppers from being scorched. 2, cooking wine along the side of the pot after the fire, stir fry, you can go to taste. 3, the oil to do this dish should be more, the pig lungs are very oily, if the oil is less, then the taste will be embarrassing~ 4, add some sesame oil before the pot will be more fragrant 5, remember to fire quickly, in order to fully guarantee the taste of pig lungs oh ~

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