Recipe: Spore Brass Bacon Pasta (Zhuang Zuyi)

Home Cooking Recipe: Spore Brass Bacon Pasta (Zhuang Zuyi)


Zhuang Zuyi's spore cabbage Bacon pasta, spore cabbage is too heavy to eat the bitter taste of individuals, this method is particularly delicious. Zhuang Zuyi video address: The amount of formula below is not the same as in the video. It is for one person.



  1. Burn a large pot of water first, prepare the noodles

  2. Bacon cut the small Ding, spore cabbage first cut the flap, and then sliced, it becomes one by one. Zhuang Zuyi said that this step does not require a good knife, so you can eat spores of different taste.

  3. The garlic is minced and the pepper is minced.

  4. After the water is boiled, add salt and then add the pasta. It is recommended to use the screw surface or the tube surface. It is not recommended to use the long straight surface such as spaghetti.

  5. Pasta can be cooked according to the time on the bag. When it is cooked for two or three minutes, start to fry the bacon and stir-fry the bacon.

  6. After the bacon is fried, put the minced garlic and pepper, stir fry, add the chopped cabbage and continue to fry, add a little salt, and then grind the black pepper until the spore cabbage is soft and ripe.

  7. Add the cooked pasta and a little pasta water, mix well, turn off the heat, and serve.


Zhuang Zuyi finally added some Parmigiano-Reggiano. I didn't add it. It tasted just as good. I think it would be better to add it.

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