Recipe: Squid tofu hot pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid tofu hot pot


After a two-day break, the line finally returned to normal, and my aunt came up to take a bubble. It’s snowing in Hubei these two days, it’s so cold! My aunt has been at home for a few days, if I’m not squatting next to me, to be honest, I don’t want to go down the bed, I just want to stay in my warm bed all day, my father said that I should not belong to the genus. Ma’s, it’s a snake, hibernating in the winter, and pulling his son to hibernate. He wakes up until eleven o’clock every day before he gets up. He looks at us every day and looks at the two fat guys who are still arching in the quilt. I really want to die, ha! In fact, this does not blame me, the winter in Hubei is really cold! Friends in the north will definitely laugh and say that you are only a few degrees below zero. We are minus 40 degrees and 50 degrees. Your little snow is a fart! But the cold in the north is different from the cold in the south. The north is dry and cold. The south is wet and cold. The cold and snowy cold dew is really infiltrated into your bones, and the northern family has heating. When you enter the door, you undress. Going a few steps to get on the bus, the unit is also warm, we have no heating here, the family has to keep warm only open air conditioning, you can not open 24 hours, open more than the city grid can not afford, is also their own Can't stand it! So most of the time I was doing it. When I was in college, Wuhan was particularly cold for a year. Several Dalian students next door and two Shenzhens were too cold to take care of. All of them took time off to return home, which shows that winter in Hubei is really not Generally cold! People are cold and always love to go to the heat, so these two days home hot soup stew, spicy hot pot burning, just the mouth is hot, eat it, the stomach is warm, and the heart is warm, just in front Some netizens asked to introduce a few simple feast dishes, so my aunt sent the hot pot that I had eaten these two days. Friends who like to eat spicy food can look at it. It is actually very simple to do!



  1. One kilogram of squid, wash and cut into pieces, marinate for a few minutes with cooking wine, go to 腥

  2. Tofu cut into pieces, pay attention not to choose the inner fat tofu, choose a little old hard tofu, water tofu under the hot pot without cooking, cook for a long time to become a pot of tofu brain

  3. Ginger garlic slices, green and red peppers each cut into a large, green garlic cut long sections, dried peppers cut good spare

  4. Pour the small half-pot oil into the pan and cook until the 80% heat, first into the ginger slices, then into the dried pepper, saute

  5. When the pepper is slightly discolored, put the squid and fry a few times, and see the color turns white.

  6. Add two tablespoons of salt, two pots of vinegar, two spoons of bean paste and chopped pepper sauce, stir well

  7. Pour half a pot of water, and cook the soup, just the amount of water that will flood the fish.

  8. Undertofu

  9. Cover the lid, boil the fire, then change to a small fire, then cook for 20 minutes, remember not to be afraid of cooking, the old saying that thousands of rolls of tofu 10,000 fish, so fish and tofu are not afraid to cook, The more cooked, the more tender, the more cooked

  10. Add a small amount of chicken and pour into a hot pot

  11. Leave a small amount of base oil in the wok, pour the green pepper and green garlic leaves, add a small amount of salt, stir fry, add to the hot pot and you can serve on the table.

  12. Put it on the induction cooker and cook it. It’s so hot, it’s so cool.

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