Recipe: Steamed duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed duck


"Dream of Red Mansions" sixty-two back: "I saw the Liujia's fruit sent people to send a box. Xiaoyan then unveiled, inside is a bowl of shrimp and chicken skin soup, and a bowl of wine steamed duck, a dish of marinated Rouge goose, a dish of four creamy pineapple rolls, and a large bowl of hot, green, musk rice with rice."



  1. Buy half a duck, soak for one hour to the blood, remove it and dry it, and salt it for half an hour.

  2. The ducks are lumped into pieces and placed in a container

  3. Pour the wine into the container and lay some ginger on the duck.

  4. Steam in a pot or stew with water

  5. After 40 minutes, add a small amount of simmer and cook for another ten minutes.


1. Wine can go to the supermarket to buy packaging, but I think that the wine is not good, the fermentation bacteria are dead, usually do their own wine, the refrigerator has been constantly brewing, so it is very convenient to eat this dish. Inconvenient to make wine can be found in the supermarket or in the market, some are brewed in a large bowl, some are brewed in a small bowl and a small bowl, this fermenting bacteria are still well preserved, and themselves Stuffed the same. 2. This dish is very light. It is recommended that the salt not be placed too much. Too much salt will cover the sweetness of the duck itself. 3. Ginger is enough to remove the duck's water smell, without adding other spices.

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