Recipe: Steamed glutinous rice dish steamed thousand sheets

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed glutinous rice dish steamed thousand sheets


Nanjing people love to eat wild vegetables. When the season comes, the leek hen head Malan head turns round. In the eyes of Nanjing people, in spring, you should eat seasonal dishes that are full of spring. The sauté dish used in this dish today is also a kind of wild vegetable. It tastes very fresh and fresh, and it is a bit crisp and very refreshing. This dish uses steaming method. All the materials can be changed by hand. It is very fast, but it is more seasonal and can not be eaten from time to time. ------------------------- Baidu Encyclopedia slash line -------------------- -----------茭儿菜 grows in the river pond water, because its sludge is spotless, white and fresh, easy to break, the folk analogy is a delicate baby, it is also called "Jiaoer dish" . It tastes delicious and crisp. In the Da Ya article of the Book of Songs, there is a verse in Han Yuli: What is it? Wei Wei and Wei. This pu is the most popular vegetable in Nanjing. It is a kind of wild plant in the water. Most of it is on the edge of the reed. It is seasonal. It is one of the most popular vegetables in Nanjing. It is produced by the sand bar of Nanjing. Children's dishes are listed as top grades.



  1. Thousands of sheets are slightly rinsed, shredded, not cut very thin, about half a centimeter wide, the code is on the plate.

  2. Wash the baby's food and cut it into 4-5 cm long pieces. The code is on the paved thousand sheets.

  3. Sausage and ham are sliced ​​and spread on the surface, basically covering the dishes below.

  4. Pour some cooking wine on the dish and sprinkle a little sugar to enhance the taste. Put it in a steamer for 25-30 minutes, then you can eat it.


1 This dish is very flexible and can be adjusted according to the amount you need. However, if the amount is reduced by a thousand, the salted ham should be properly reduced, or a salty ham should be soaked before steaming to remove a little salty taste, otherwise it may be compared. salty. 2 My family's salty ham is vacuum packed and does not need to be disposed of. If you are buying untreated ham, you should do it beforehand.

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