Recipe: Steamed water chestnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed water chestnut


Hubei's Fuyang three steaming, probably everyone is not strange, the traditional traditional three steaming is steamed fish, steamed meat, and then steamed a vegetarian dish, the use is also generally white steamed vegetable powder. Later, after continuous development, the practice of steamed vegetables in Hubei has become more and more varied. Basically, the fields in the water running on the ground flying in the sky are all steamed, and the steamed vegetable powder is also divided into red powder and white powder. In addition, a new steaming method for various ingredients has been added. For example, adding Laoganma, adding fermented milk, adding gravy, adding bacon, etc., has also produced a lot of patterns, like we have steamed vegetables in Honghu. After steaming, the practice of drying the oil pan and letting the traditional musk soft and steamed vegetables have more crispy and crispy taste. It is really unique.



  1. 500 grams of wild water chestnut rice, shelled washed and filtered dry

  2. 150 grams of pork belly, cut into 0.5CM thick slices, placed in a bowl, add a small spoon of cooking wine and grab

  3. A bottle of Laoganma, a bottle of South milk, a packet of red steamed vegetables

  4. Take a large pot, pour the water chestnut rice, add half of the steamed vegetable powder, a spoonful of old dry mom, a spoonful of South milk, half a spoonful of soy sauce, a small spoon of salt, chicken essence, pepper, and a certain amount of lard Spoon, mix well

  5. Pour the remaining steamed vegetable powder into the meat bowl and add the same ingredients (do not use the amount) to mix the meat.

  6. Take a large bowl, first pour the cooked triangle rice into the bottom of the bowl and flatten it.

  7. Put the mixed pork belly evenly on the water chestnut rice.

  8. Add water to the pressure cooker, put it into the steaming bowl with water, cover the lid, change the water after burning the steam, and steam for 30-35 minutes.

  9. At the end of the pot, mix the meat and water chestnuts and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

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