Recipe: Stewed beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed beef


People abroad, eating aunt stewed beef, like going home. I feel that this bowl of beef is a milestone in my culinary career: I have known the difference between “eat” and “gourmet”. The picture is just looking for it, it is more like. Aunt's oral recipe, here is a record.



  1. Cool blisters, slow bleeding water. The cold water is boiled and the meat is washed.

  2. Garlic in the oil, the oil should be wide; put in tomatoes, sugar, stir fry. Release the pumping. Then put the beef, stir-fry until the meat is colored, then put the pepper and aniseed (less put), then put the sugar, so the fried is delicious.

  3. Add boiling water, the water should not be beef, simmer for five minutes, then simmer for two hours to the bottom.

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