Recipe: Stewed turtle

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed turtle


A soup made by Dabu, this time I bought a large turtle, the skirt is very thick and thick, and the cooked soup is like a jelly.



  1. The first time I killed a turtle, all kinds of horror, but the method is right, that is, the turtle's belly is stepped on the foot, its head will stick out, then grab the head with your hand, take the knife and take it off the neck. ,

  2. Let go of the blood, be sure to put it clean. It doesn't have a lot of blood. When you control the blood, squeeze your stomach by hand. Because I didn't put it clean, the soup was unclear.

  3. Boil the water, put in the soup, and peel off the outer layer of the turtle. This process requires patience. After cleaning, the smell will be much less. Since one person operates, there is no step photo.

  4. After peeling and rinsing, it is cut open on the stomach and goes to the internal organs. At this time, its liver and bitterness are available. Bitter and sweet wine is very good. However, I accidentally smashed it while I was dealing with it, but it is not bitter.

  5. I am going down the whole, using boiling water to go aside, put some ginger, cooking wine

  6. Prepare the ingredients and put a few peppers, which can be tailored to your taste. Put the water without the turtle, stew for an hour, put salt, not bad.


I must grind the knife before killing the turtle. My knife is not fast, so the turtle is suffering a lot of crimes. Amitabha!

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