Recipe: Stir-fried beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Stir-fried beef


I am from Sichuan, so I put more pepper and pepper. It looks very hot, but it's okay. It tastes good and it is delicious.



  1. First, cut 400 grams of raw beef into small pieces. I bought the kind of cut in the supermarket. Then cut the ginger, garlic, pepper, green onion section

  2. Pour a small spoonful of raw flour into the cold water with two teaspoons (the kind of stainless steel that is common in the house) and pour in the beef. Add a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, a small amount of spiced powder, a small amount of pepper. Marinate for 30 minutes.

  3. After thirty minutes, first open the fire to the cooking oil. A little more. When the oil is a little bit of smoke, pour the marinated beef (pour the water from the beef during the pickling process before pouring). Quickly stir fry. After the beef is discolored, it is removed. This will make the final beef a lot

  4. Pour out the previous oil, because it is all the water that is broken from the beef. Re-burn a pot of oil, the oil will be a little better. Fire, ginger, garlic, green onion, pepper (or green pepper) stir-fry and then pour the beef. The whole process of fire, the time of speculation determines the tenderness of beef. This can only be explored by yourself. The size of the fire must match the time. The beef is tender.

  5. Pour the beef into two pieces and stir into the chopped dried chili. Pepper segments can be more or less depending on your taste. I put a bowl of half a bowl of beef and beef.

  6. After the dried chili peppers are poured, stir them for 10 seconds and pour into the chopped green pepper rings.

  7. Finally, pour two spoonfuls of soy sauce, four spoons of soy sauce, and four spoons of cooking wine. After a while, you can start the pot.

  8. After the plate is placed, sprinkle the parsley on it. success


This dish costs oil. In fact, the material is very simple. The focus is on the heat and time of the meat.

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