Recipe: Stone pot hot rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Stone pot hot rice


Being alone, no matter what the reason, it will be a little lost. I am a layman and firmly believe that people are iron rice and steel. Therefore, when eating more carefully, one person does not have to eat. The small stone pot is bought by the Korean drama. Although the Korean stone pot bibimbap is fragrant, it can be very troublesome to do, but the hot pot of the stone pot is so good, it really makes people feel bright.



  1. Place the stone pot on the stove and open a small fire and heat it.

  2. Pour the sesame oil in a stone pot and wipe the inner wall with a brush.

  3. The leftover rice is loose, one grain and one grain, poured into a stone pot and smoothed with a spoon.

  4. Leave the vegetables in the leftovers and spread them evenly on the rice.

  5. Cover the lid and keep the minimum fire for the whole process. For about seven or eight minutes, the pot is full of heat, and there is a scent formed by the pot and the sound of the sizzling horn. Let's observe it, and the heat is good.

  6. Finally, sprinkle with scallions, you can also sprinkle some sesame seeds as you like, turn off the fire!


1. The stone pot is the pot and the bowl, but it is very hot, pay attention to safety! 2, with a bowl of soy milk, or egg flower soup, instant soup can also do it. 3, put on a napkin, enjoy the beauty, don't forget to take pictures and post it.

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