Recipe: Strawberry tower

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry tower


Every time you go through the window of the dessert shop, it is always attracted by the brightly colored fruit towers. The bottom of the yellow tower, the delicate fruit, makes people feel unrelenting. Especially the natural sprout of strawberries, a thin layer of powdered sugar, even more add a beautiful beauty.



  1. Mix low powder, sugar and salt evenly. Cut the butter into small pieces and pour it into the mixture to make it blend.

  2. Beat the eggs into them and knead them into smooth dough. Slightly refrigerated into the refrigerator.

  3. Remove the dough, pry it to a moderately thinness, enter the tower mold, and compact. Poke some holes with a fork.

  4. Add the baked beans and bake at 180 ° C for 20 minutes. Take it out and let it cool.

  5. Caska sauce: Cut the vanilla pods, scrape the vanilla seeds, put the vanilla pods, vanilla seeds, and milk together in a wok and boil them, and remove the vanilla pods.

  6. Stir the egg yolk and white sugar, and mix it with low flour and poppy powder. Pour a little hot milk and mix quickly. Pour the mixture into a small pot of boiled milk. Heat over low heat and whipped until smooth and smooth. Put in a bowl, brush a little butter, and wrap the cling film.

  7. Squeeze the Caska sauce into the bottom of the tower, decorate the strawberries, and sieve some sugar powder.


1. You can also apply a layer of white chocolate in the bottom of the tower to prevent moisture from immersing in the bottom of the tower to affect the taste. 2. Can be replaced with other fruits.

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