Recipe: Strawberry Yogurt Beans (No Milk Powder Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry Yogurt Beans (No Milk Powder Edition)


This is a little bit of my experience in making soy beans from failure to success, hoping to help the same confused kitchen friends. I did not form the soluble beans at the beginning. I went into the oven to defoam and flatten. I thought for a lot of reasons. Later, I also accidentally saw that a kitchen friend said that Nestlé milk powder may contain anti-foaming additives because of my family. There is no baby, no baby milk powder, only Nestle milk powder, it is not formed after the addition of milk powder. So I started to try the formula without milk powder, but this time I made it, and I can still maintain the pattern after baking. However, there is another problem. The taste of the melted beans without milk powder is insufficient. It is not very delicious. Therefore, the formula without adding milk powder must be added with sweet and sour fruit freeze-dried powder to increase the taste. After the trial, it will be successful. The kitchen cook who has doubts can seriously look at this recipe~~ It doesn't match the picture.



  1. Making dehydrated yogurt: Put the kitchen paper in a small powder sieve, put the powder sieve on a small bowl or cup, pour the yogurt on the kitchen paper, filter for about 1 hour, do not dehydrate too much to make the yogurt too thick, so Not conducive to later mixed with protein. (I use Danone Biyou here, not very thick. If the parents have thicker yogurt, they don't have to be so much, take off about 50-60 grams of water)

  2. Mix corn starch and strawberry lyophilized powder evenly, pour into yoghurt, stir evenly with wooden spoon, and evenly roll the granules.

  3. Add the sugar and lemon juice to the protein in one go, and send it at high speed until it is hard foamed. Lift the egg beater, which is short right angle.

  4. Pour the yoghurt batter into the protein at one time, use a spatula to quickly mix it, or use a small hurricane cake protein to mix the way, specifically the recipe can be found. After mixing well, load half of the mixture into the piping bag.

  5. Preheat the oven 100 degrees. Use the cookie mouth to squeeze into the shape of the pagoda sugar, if the operation is accurately extruded, it is definitely shaped. Almost half the amount can squeeze a baking tray in a 32-inch oven. Refill the remaining flower bag and squeeze the other plate. Both dishes are placed in the oven and baked for 80 minutes. The baking tray should be exchanged several times during the period.


1. Yogurt brand I personally think that there is no particularity. Of course, the yogurt with the higher percentage of raw milk is better. It is better to not contain sugar, because it can increase the amount of sugar in the protein to increase the stability of protein. 2. Yogurt does not need to be dehydrated too much. If the mixture with starch is too thick, it will not help to evenly mix with the protein, or even defoam the protein. 3. If you use sugar-free yogurt, such as bright and clear, and Meiji, you can increase the sugar to 15 grams, which is more conducive to the stability of protein transmission. Just a few drops of lemon juice, no one can. 4. The final mixing method is critical, it must be fast, but it must be evenly mixed. The hurricane is doing well, and this is definitely no problem. 5. If there is no strawberry freeze-dried powder, you should be able to add up to 12 grams of starch, but the taste is not so good. I like to sprinkle more strawberry powder, which is full of flavor. This is by personal preference.

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