Recipe: [Study abroad] Steamed fungus chicken legs

Home Cooking Recipe: [Study abroad] Steamed fungus chicken legs


I was ready the night before, and the steamed rice steamed with rice every other day at noon, simple and delicious.



  1. 琵琶 chicken legs to bone, because I like to eat chicken skin, so the chicken skin did not go, foreign chicken or something, it is best to soak first, the water can put some cooking wine, about half an hour or more

  2. Chicken leg meat washed, diced, and mushrooms (optional), add salt, cooking wine, ginger and garlic, soy sauce, soy sauce, stir well, into the refrigerator

  3. While soaking the fungus every other day, take the bag from yesterday and put a little starch to grab it.

  4. The wooden ear cushion is at the bottom of the bowl, pour the chicken leg meat and mushrooms (the water does not fall off)

  5. Steam on the pot for 20-25 minutes, while steaming a bowl of rice!

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