Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe water

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar cane horseshoe water


The sweetness of sugar cane and the refreshing taste of horseshoes are a good match. Basically, there is no need to add extra sugar. Adding 枸杞 or roses is also good for qi. In short, it is delicious and healthy.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Horseshoe wash and peeling cuts

    Horseshoe wash and peeling cuts

  2. Add water to the fire and boil. Put in horseshoe and sugar cane and cook for about 30 minutes.

  3. When you are ready, put it in 枸杞 taste it. If you don’t fill it, put some rock sugar.


You can also put all the ingredients into the stew and simmer for more than 1 hour. Horseshoe is a common name for cockroaches, sweet and slightly cold. It has the effect of warming the qi, clearing the heat and appetizing, and eliminating the phlegm. The skin of sugar cane must not be cut off. This cane skin is effective in preventing colds.

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