Recipe: Super fast hand cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Super fast hand cream


I am a cauliflower bird. After a period of practice, I have to compare the shots of the shots. (Masters please pass by.) Cream cream is also a reference to other masters' recipes, adding some experience in the production process. Let's make a small record on the road! There is no picture, the next time I adjust the cream, I took it.



  1. After the butter is softened, add sugar and beat until the butter is white. Note on this step 1. The butter should be fully softened and can be easily pressed by hand. 2, must use sugar powder, no sugar powder can be ground into powder with sugar. The powdered sugar can be poured into butter at one time. 3, actually in the process of playing, if the weather is cold, butter is more difficult to play, you can sit in the hot water pot, but pay attention to the butter state, it is relatively soft to take out from the hot water.

  2. Add whipped cream in portions of the butter, and whipped while adding. When the first added whipped cream is blended with the butter, add the second time, the same steps. Note in this step: The whipped cream is cooler, and it will be granulated when poured into the butter, and the oil and water will separate, especially in winter. The solution is simple. Also whipped in hot water or heat the whipped cream in advance.

  3. After adding all the whipped cream, it will be smooth, and the creamy cream will be finished. Then start to color the flowers! Of course, it is no problem to use the cake that is not demanding.

  4. Material Description: 1. I use Anjia for light cream. I feel that Anjia is better and the taste is not bad. 2, the use of oil is Yili white oil, more economical, of course, Alpine, more beautiful can also be, the focus is to be white, Anjia butter color is too yellow, the adjustment is very embarrassing. 3, sugar powder I use the cooking machine to grind myself, more economical. 4, the remaining cream cream can be stored frozen for 15 days, after thawing, smear and continue to use.

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