Recipe: Super simple yogurt fermented cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Super simple yogurt fermented cake


A cake that doesn't need to be fermented! Inspired by savariin but a lot easier! I love baby products and don't like heavy sweet oil. I haven't loved it recently. I bought it when it was! between! rule! More! If you love cheese and are afraid of high calories, be sure to try this recipe that makes the milk more fragrant by fermentation, and add a step similar to the process of making simple sour cream (the sour taste of lemon can't be better), so that the finished product Sour and fragrant, the refrigerator is really light when you eat it! milk! Cheese! In addition, please ignore my slag demoulding and slag knife work and the above meringue. . Recently I don’t know how to float. . in. . where. . . I hope that the impression will not reduce T T



  1. Place the yoghurt at room temperature, add 30g of whipped cream, stir well, then continue to stir while adding a large spoonful of lemon juice, and finally add 15g of sugar and mix well. If it is sugar-free yogurt, please increase the amount of white sugar as appropriate. In fact, I didn't add sugar this time. The acid is so sweet and sweet. It is very appetizing!

  2. 2g of yeast is placed in warm water to open, slowly pour into 1 and mix well.

  3. Take a pot, put in an egg that is placed at room temperature, add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar, mix well with egg dipping, pour into 2, stir well. The liquid is produced.

  4. Take [half] low powder and salt, mix well, sift into the liquid, and quickly mix until no dry powder.

  5. Cover the plastic wrap and leave it in the warm place for one hour. Mix the remaining half of the low-powder, cornstarch and baking powder for use.

  6. After one hour, the powder to be used is sieved into a pot and quickly mixed and evenly mixed. The batter at this time should give off a very rich yoghurt.

  7. Pour into the mold and enter the preheated oven for 170 minutes and 40 minutes. If you have tried the internals with a toothpick, please extend the time as appropriate. I used the water bath method to make the lower layer still too wet, not good demoulding ah ah ah ah. . . So everyone decides whether to take a bath according to the situation! Anyway, the finished products are relatively soft!

  8. It is recommended to be cold after cooling! Tibetan! again! eat! Oh, oh! !


I don't know because it adds more lemon juice, or the role of fermentation. Finally, the sour taste and milky blend of the finished product are not too greasy, and it is really appetizing. . It’s the first time that I didn’t have a cold and took a photo. . Continue to eat tomorrow morning!

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