Recipe: Sweet and sour mustard

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour mustard


The Spring Festival holiday is over, but the year has not yet passed; so it is not too late to send the new year. Gold/silver mustard is a traditional dish prepared by many people in Shanghai for the New Year. The recipes of the 保留 保留 retain the characteristics of the local dishes, and it is a recipe for the recipes. Let the popular Chinese dishes become classics. ^_^



  1. Put the returned mustard in a cool place for 1, 2 days, so that the fresh vegetables become water and atrophy; then cut into 5, 6cm segments, wash and drain the water;

  2. After the bamboo shoots are shelled, they are cut in the longitudinal direction and half-cut. Add a little salt to the pot and boil them. After the fish is cooled, cut into silk. The treated bamboo shoots can remove most of the oxalic acid and cut the bamboo shoots/tablets. Not easy to break;

  3. Soak the money mushroom with warm water until it is soaked. Add 1 teaspoon of salt when soaking. After soaking, stir the water clockwise to rotate. After it is still, rinse it out with water and drain it. This is easier to remove the impurities in the gap.

  4. Pour the oil into the wok, stir fry the mustard to the oil, add the winter bamboo shoots and the shampoo; transfer the soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar; do not add water, cover and cook until the mustard is completely When the water is out, the water gradually evaporates; the remaining sauce is slowly thick, and the dish is yellowish brown.


After the mustard is cooked for 1 or 2 days, it can volatilize the water contained in it, and remove the characteristic spicy taste. This dish is made of small, thick meat, heavy aroma and fresh taste. It does not need to be changed. You can use the shape of copper coins to discuss the mouth color; the golden mustard is more oily, the cooking process does not add water, the method of using Ningbo roasting to make the finished product salty and sweet, soft and sour; after cooling, as a pre-meal appetizer, post-meal solution The greasy little dishes are the dishes that are not surprising but indispensable for the Spring Festival family dinner.

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