Recipe: Sweet pumpkin taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet pumpkin taro


Saying that pumpkin, I like to see the color of the pumpkin, the golden color, the festive color, and the meaning of the harvest, the warmth to the heartbeat when I think of it. In the past, I used pumpkins in desserts to make cheesecake puddings, and the big change made people particularly surprised. Its taste is completely different from the pumpkin in our impression.  Later, I made the pumpkin into a noodle and made it into a steamed bun. It was really delicious. Sweet, soft and tough. And my family S Sensen does not like to eat pumpkin, but also like the noodles made of pumpkin. Especially when I was out of the golden yellow, I was particularly pleased. The color is too good to see. Serving Size: 12 steamed buns



  1. The pumpkin is steamed after dicing, and the pumpkin is pressed into a pumpkin puree with a spoon.

  2. The yeast is turned in the water, and the sugar and salt are placed in the flour. Then knead the pumpkin puree and flour into a smooth dough, and the dough is evenly colored.

  3. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment to 2.5 times larger

  4. After exhausting, it is divided into 12 equal parts. And round

  5. Brush the steamer or put on a gauze (cage cloth) and evenly place the dough on top.

  6. Put cold water in the steamer, put the steamed rice set in the dough, cover the lid, and let it sit for 20 minutes.

  7. Then fire, and after the water is turned on, steam for 20 minutes to turn off the fire.

  8. Do not open the lid and suffocate for another 5 minutes. It can be taken out after 5 minutes.


1, because the water absorption of the flour is different, as well as the moisture of the pumpkin is different, so the water in the surface should be adjusted according to the actual situation. This is common sense. Don't pour the water in. 2, the dough can be used with the bread machine, but you must press the "and face" program 2 - 3 times to evenly mix 3, the steamer must be cold water. 4, can not omit the relaxation of the 20 minutes 5, must be steamed, I am slightly longer than others steamed steamed bread, experience tells me that the time is a little longer, the steamed bread will be more soft 6, after the fire, be bored. Do not open the lid during the entire steaming process.

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