Recipe: Tomato dragon squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato dragon squid


The whole family likes to eat a dish, fish-rich protein with tomato-rich VC, delicious and healthy nutrition, and it is easy to do



  1. The squid is cut into thick slices with a knife and placed in a small amount of cooking wine for 10 minutes.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, put the cut tomato after the oil is hot, cover the simmer until the tomato is soft and rotten, use the shovel to help press the sauce, add soy sauce, sugar and a small amount of water, and put it into the onion. Water can be used without fish, because the fish will also produce some water.

  3. Fish fillet dry starch (can also not put starch), the code into the pot, cover the lid to cook for 8-10 minutes, if the front of the raw pumping is not enough, you can make up at any time, turn the surface in the middle, you can cook after cooking . If you like thicker ones, you can also pick up a thin sputum. People don't like too much.


1. The fish fillets should be turned as little as possible after the pot is placed, so that the fish is not scattered.

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