Recipe: Tomato egg dry noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato egg dry noodles


A tasteful hand, a happy face, a little bit of modification



  1. Tomato diced eggs fully smashed shallots chopped

  2. Put the oil in the pot and heat the fried egg to the golden color.

  3. Add the onion oil. After the oil is hot, pour in the tomato and stir-fry until the tomato is out of the juice. Pour in two tablespoons of steamed fish, tar oil, a tablespoon of tomato sauce, stir well, and add water without boiling the tomato.

  4. After boiling, pour the fried eggs and continue to cook until the juice is about to dry. Add a little salt and white pepper to taste the bowl.

  5. The water is boiled and the fresh noodles are cooked and then removed and placed in a bowl. Cover the onion with tomato and egg and sprinkle with chopped green onion. The pepper oil is hot and then drenched on the chopped green onion.


The difference between the last step and the absence of pepper oil is great.

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