Recipe: Tomato scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato scrambled eggs


My tomato scrambled eggs are the second in the world —...



  1. Eggs are broken and half a tablespoon of salt is placed

  2. Tomato (to be cooked enough) to be ready for use

  3. Hot pot, put oil (to put more oil than usual cooking), see the oil when the white smoke, pour the eggs down, side down

  4. While stirring with a spatula (the oil is hot enough, you will see the egg liquid falling down like a bubble), the eggs are solidified, basically OK, rise

  5. Put some oil, pour the cut tomato, stir fry, cover the fire for 7 minutes.

  6. I saw that some tomato juice has come out, put sugar, put eggs and stir fry, the amount of sugar is estimated by myself, try the sweetness.

  7. Open the fire, the juice is almost the same, the disc (basically completed)

  8. One step in the extra points, there is still a lot of tomato juice in the pot. The fire smashed him thick, and shoveled it on the dish to finish it. (This juice is best eaten, I added the spatula - -. ..)

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