Recipe: Two-tone chocolate mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Two-tone chocolate mousse


I saw a square mousse in the picture, the bottom is cocoa hurricane, the middle layer is white chocolate mousse, the top layer is black chocolate mousse, very simple and elegant. Just don't have a prescription, then try to get a recipe for yourself! The mold was changed to a 6-inch heart shape, just bought a bottle of white and black chocolate sauce, so try the chocolate sauce to make the mousse taste. . . . . . . .  The cocoa was not cut around the hurricane, but the reason for the cold contraction, the white chocolate mousse liquid penetrated from the small gap of the hurricane, covering the color of the cake embryo, missing a color layer, after cutting the cross section, It is very clear to see three levels, and the white sag in the middle is formed when the chopsticks poke the cake for maturity. Unfortunately, it is regrettable.



  1. 6-inch heart-shaped cocoa hurricane cake embryo (20 g low powder, 4 g cocoa powder, one egg, 10 g salad oil, 10 g milk, 22 g sugar, 160 degrees, 15-20 minutes, baked).

  2. The fish gelatin powder is added to some cold water to swell and then melted in water.

  3. The cheese is softened and cut into small pieces at room temperature and divided into two portions of 50 grams each.

  4. Two grams of cheese are poured into 60 grams of milk.

  5. Pour the white chocolate sauce into a piece of cheese milk, and pour the dark chocolate sauce into another cheese milk.

  6. Use a cooking machine to mix thoroughly until no particles are mixed and pour into the container.

  7. Divide the fish gelatin into two equal portions, pour into two portions of chocolate cheese milk and mix well.

  8. The whipped cream is given a six-point (can maintain the pattern but can still flow), and is divided into two equal portions and poured into chocolate cheese milk, and mix well. Two mousse liquids are completed.

  9. Put the cake embryo into the mold, pour the white chocolate mousse solution and freeze for 40 minutes.

  10. Remove the clotted cake, pour in dark chocolate mousse, and freeze for 40 minutes.

  11. When the refrigerator was condensed, there was no careful mold at the moment, so a heart-shaped template was cut with paper.

  12. Take out the cake that has already been condensed, put the sample paper on the cake, sprinkle the coconut powder, take off the sample paper, put it in the refrigerator, go to sleep, and leave it to take pictures the next day, huh, huh.


The first time I tried to make mousse with chocolate sauce, I tasted it. It feels like chocolate. I will change it into chocolate next time. The practice will be slightly different, and the principle is the same. It is a pity that the outer cocoa hurricane color is covered by white chocolate mousse, but I know how to make up for it next time. That is, first use a very small amount of dark chocolate mousse liquid to pour a little around the mold, and then pour into the white chocolate mousse solution, the rest of the same operation, so the three levels should be clearly defined.

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