Recipe: Ume chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Ume chicken wings


I like to eat ebony small platoon recently, but I feel that my child is not good at chewing, so I changed it to the chicken wings that my child likes to eat for him.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Ume is soaked in warm water

    Ume is soaked in warm water

  2. Drain the chicken wings and drain them. You can also use the kitchen paper to dry the surface of the water and use it.

  3. Pour a proper amount of oil into the pan, then add half the amount of rock sugar to the pan and fry until the caramel color. Drain the chicken wings into the pan and fry until the color

  4. Pour the water into the pot without the chicken wings, boil the fire, and remove the floating foam.

  5. Put the ebony and the other half of the rock sugar into the pot and cook in a small fire until the chicken wings are cooked.

  6. Put in the right amount of salt to taste and change the fire to the juice

  7. Pan tray


If you stir fry the sugar to the burnt color, you don't need to put the soy sauce to color. Remember the small fire or the sugar will taste bitter. If you stir the chicken wings, don't fry for too long, otherwise the chicken wings will change the taste of the wood. All ingredients can be increased or decreased according to personal tastes and needs.

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