Recipe: Vance tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Vance tofu


I feel very sensational, I personally don't like such a dish.



  1. Boil the chicken soup. After cooking, put a bowl of broth into the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight. The next day, all the oil on the surface will be removed. Heat up, continue to refrigerate in the refrigerator overnight, and then remove the oil from the surface.

  2. Cut the ham into spare.

  3. The tofu is cut into thin filaments. Anyway, the eyes are dead and cut, and it is not necessary to cut them.

  4. After the chicken soup is heated, put it into the ham and boil for 1 minute to taste. Then add a little salt and MSG to taste. Finally, add the tofu, slide it with chopsticks, and cut the tofu.

  5. Add a very thin wet starch thickening, you can hold the plate, put on the onion silk embellishment.


1, there is a very simple method of making tofu silk, buy Japanese-style egg tofu, strip-shaped, cut a bite, hold the screen, then squeeze the tofu, let the whole tofu through the sieve directly into the pot, this is also Very thin and easy to operate. 2, this soup is mainly light, oil-free, eat tofu, so fine tofu, in fact, can not eat any feeling. . .

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