Recipe: Vanilla Apricot Sauce Yogurt Mousse & Easy Bear Chocolate Frozen Cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla Apricot Sauce Yogurt Mousse & Easy Bear Chocolate Frozen Cheese



  1. Put the apricot jam and milk into the pot, add the beaten egg yolk and mix well. Heat it to 80 degrees and turn off the heat. Add the fish film that has been soaked with ice water and mix well. Add the yogurt and mix well.

  2. Light cream and sugar to 6 distribution, mix well with the apricot jam

  3. Put the cake piece on the bottom of the mold, pour the mousse paste, and freeze until solidified.

  4. The black chocolate heat-insulating water is melted in a disposable flower bag, and the nose of the bear is easily squeezed out in the mold.

  5. Egg yolk with sugar insulation water to whitening

  6. Cream cheese softens at room temperature, adding egg yolk paste to smooth

  7. The milk is heated and placed in a gelatinized piece that is soaked in ice water in advance to melt.

  8. Add in cheese paste and mix well. Add yogurt and mix well.

  9. Light cream and fine sugar to 6 distribution, take a little cheese paste and whipped cream, mix well, squeeze on the bear's stomach, freeze for 1 to 2 minutes

  10. After the dark chocolate is melted, add the cheese paste and mix well.

  11. Mix the remaining light cream and mix well.

  12. Pour the frozen cheese into the mold and cover a piece of real chocolate hurricane

  13. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze it for one night.

  14. After vanilla apricot jam yoghurt mousse is released, put the bear chocolate cheese frozen on top, and then decorate the surface

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