Recipe: Vegetarian chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Vegetarian chicken



  1. Dry tofu cut into smaller sizes than your chopping board

  2. Add 5 cups of hot water to the large container, add the baking soda powder and mix well, soak the dried tofu in soda water for half an hour. Take out the drain

  3. Mix the soy sauce and sugar and brush on the dried tofu. Every dry tofu is brushed evenly

  4. Stacked together and rolled up. [Thank you for your son’s friendship show tender hand show:)

  5. Wrap the dried tofu with two layers of gauze. Bundled with cotton threads like tied robbers

  6. Put it on the drawer, continue to steam for 20 minutes after the fire is on the steam. After being thoroughly cooled, open the package and slice it.

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