Recipe: Walnut muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Walnut muffin


7cm&6 copies, I couldn't help but eat one before I took a photo~~呜~~~ Recipe from the bread garden



  1. Prepare: 1, egg butter, milk at room temperature for more than 30min 2, mix low-gluten flour and baking powder, sift 2 times 3, leave a large spoonful of walnut decoration 4, oven 170 ° C, preheat 15min

  2. The butter is stirred with the electric egg beater for 30s, the mixed sugar and vanilla sugar are added to the butter 2-3 times, and the lowest gear is sent for 2 minutes into a smooth state.

  3. Add eggs, electric stirrer to the lowest position for 1min into a uniform viscous state, add sieved low-gluten flour and baking powder, add milk and gently mix with a rubber knife

  4. Almond powder is sifted to avoid agglomeration and rum is added. Leave a spoonful of ground walnuts to decorate the rest and add the batter. Gently mix evenly with a rubber knife.

  5. The batter is placed in the mold 7 and the walnuts for decoration are added and baked in a preheated oven at 170 ° C for 25-30 min. Bake it in the heat sink.

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