Recipe: Warm winter porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Warm winter porridge


Daily food minute series - warm winter meat porridge In the cold winter, drink a bowl of hot fragrant meat porridge, warm stomach and warm heart.



  1. Chop the tenderloin or use the meat directly.

  2. Add the processed meat to a bit of cooking wine and marinate it.

  3. Cold water porridge, pay attention to keep stirring, do not let rice stick pot.

  4. The water is opened for a while, and the small fire is kept stirring in one direction.

  5. When the porridge is cooked to a slightly viscous shape, add the marinated meat and stir.

  6. Cut the vegetables into green vegetables.

  7. Cook for about fifteen minutes. See the viscous degree of the porridge for details. Add the chopped green vegetables and mix well.

  8. After five minutes, turn off the heat and add salt to taste according to your taste.


The tenderloin can be replaced directly with pork filling, which is relatively simple. Small rapeseed can be replaced by green cabbage and other vegetables.

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