Recipe: Warming up the Huaiyang Yanggu Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Warming up the Huaiyang Yanggu Soup



  1. The sheep bones are cut into pieces, and the yam is peeled and cut. Washing herbs

  2. Put the sheep bone, the yellow radish Codonopsis, the ginger, the yellow wine and the right amount of water into the bowl, and turn it to a small fire for one hour.

  3. Put it in Huaishan for 1 hour, then add the longan and boil for 10 minutes. Season with salt.


1. You can use sheep bones or mutton soup. I bought a few pounds of mutton, took a lot of bones, and took some meat to make the soup a little waste, so I only took the bones. It was found that the bones came out and seemed to be sweeter. 2. I didn't drown my bones. I felt that as long as the bones were fresh enough, there was no smell. Ginger and wine can completely remove the meat. 3. The order of the medicinal herbs: When the yam is released in half the time, it will not be too bad.

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