Recipe: Western gravy Gravy

Home Cooking Recipe: Western gravy Gravy


The gravy is a thick sauce made from the excess fat and broth produced in the preparation of Western meat dishes. The meat dishes in Western food are often eaten with gravy, regardless of roast, roasted vegetables, fish & chips, or Yorkshire pudding. The gravy is super delicious.



  1. When roasting meat, use the baking tray to hold the dripping grease and broth below.

  2. Transfer the fat and broth into a pan and heat until boiling.

  3. Add flour and mix well.

  4. Heat over low heat and stir until dark brown.

  5. Leave the fire, pour in the broth and mix well.

  6. Heat up to a boil over low heat, turn to low heat and juice for 3 minutes, stirring from time to time.

  7. Add salt and black pepper to taste.


The roast beef is often matched with the gravy of beef broth, and the roast chicken, roast lamb and roast veal are often matched with the gravy of chicken broth.

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