Recipe: White chocolate mocha

Home Cooking Recipe: White chocolate mocha


This coffee is paired with white chocolate and whipped cream. It tastes very mellow~ I don't like coffee and sugar. I can add two white chocolates to try it~ I have a good coffee! Nowadays, the taste of milk milk on the market is really meager. Simply add cream to the coffee, the taste is really sweet~ (also a good way to quickly eliminate fresh cream)



  1. Prepare a black coffee (Italian Concentrate, Moka Pot and Instant, I am using a mocha pot)

  2. Add 1-2 pieces of white chocolate, stir well with a small spoon, and fully blend with coffee.

  3. Add fresh cream and mix well.

  4. Finally, pour in the foamed milk. A cup of aromatic coffee has been made and can be enjoyed!


The ratio and dosage of black coffee, white chocolate and fresh cream are completely matched with your own preferences.

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