Recipe: White peony mung bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: White peony mung bean soup


This white mung bean soup is basically a bowl of breakfast every morning in the summer. In autumn, it is used to repair the skin of the sun-stained and long-spotted skin in summer. It removes the acne, acne scars and acne marks of oily skin. The effect is one of the best:)



  1. Put all the ingredients together in the purple sand pot for more than 3 hours, and then add the rock sugar after the roe is completely rotten.


Barley powder is called "artist powder" in Taiwan because many female artists are highly sought after. They will use the barley powder to brew in the daily drinking water, and make a bark mask when they are free. Big S is super recommended. The biggest feature of Huanren is: 1, whitening and spotting 2, shrink pores 3, drainage slimming (face and lower body edema obesity is very effective) But the glutinous rice is cold, pregnant women can not eat, it is best not to eat a week before and after menstruation :)

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