Recipe: Xinjiang oiled noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Xinjiang oiled noodles


Xinjiang's friends who have been to Xinjiang or not have been familiar with it. In Xinjiang, 100% of the noodle restaurants have this, and 90% of the cases are in the first row of the menu. That being said, everyone can appreciate the importance of oily noodles in the eyes of the broad masses of the people! How about a noodle, the surface is important, but the taste of the dish is the soul. Today, I will share with you the practice of mixing meat and noodles.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the diced raw material, cut the sliced ​​shredded slice!

    Cut the diced raw material, cut the sliced ​​shredded slice!

  2. Marinate the sliced ​​meat with egg white and starch and marinate for 15 minutes. Oil in the hot oil pan and remove.

  3. Pour the right amount of oil in the pan, heat it, then add ginger, green onion, tomato sauce, and tomatoes. Stir the scent and add the cabbage, red and green pepper, onion, and black fungus. Finally, put the meat that has been oiled before, and garlic, add a little boiling water, salt, soy sauce, pepper powder, MSG seasoning. Finally, hook out the pot!

  4. In the bottom of the boiling water pot, stir it with cold water after the pot is out, the taste is more glutinous, the noodles are served, and the fried dishes are covered on the noodles! Live together!


Ketchup is best produced in Xinjiang. If there is wood, there will be more tomatoes and tomato sauce. This dish should have soup noodles to be delicious, so adding a little water is necessary, and thickening is also necessary. Since I don't like pasta, I usually give it to my family when I cook this dish. I eat rice myself, which is great!

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