Recipe: Yam-flavored dried fungus fried vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Yam-flavored dried fungus fried vegetables


When it comes to big meat dishes, don’t come up with some light vegetables. Yam and fungus are super-nutritious ingredients, and fragrant dried (dried dried beans) can give this material a taste!



  1. Put the yam in warm water with vinegar and soak for about half an hour (to the mucus), then put it in cold water and rinse it, peeling and slicing.

  2. Carrot slices, cabbage washed and cut, the fungus bubbled open and torn off the hard part.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, add the onion, ginger, garlic, and shrimp to the sauté after the oil is hot, then stir the fragrant dried carrots and carrot slices.

  4. Part of the yam, corn kernels, fungus, and small cabbage stems, add salt. (Be careful not to cover, fear that the pot can be adjusted to medium heat at this time)

  5. Stir fry until the above ingredients are almost cooked, put the portion of the cabbage leaves, turn to the fire quickly stir fry, add white pepper and mix well before the pot.


* Do not omit the process of soaking yam! Otherwise, the skin will be particularly itchy when it gets on the skin! ! ! * Shrimp skin is used to taste vegetarian food, because I don't like to put MSG chicken mushrooms and so on. . . = =’ If you don’t like it or not, you can’t add it. * The part of the small cabbage stem and the leaves should be separated in the order, otherwise a lot of water will be fired!

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