Recipe: Zucchini seafood pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Zucchini seafood pasta


I went to the Italian seaside holiday a while ago. I accidentally ate such a seafood noodle with zucchini and cherry tomatoes in a small restaurant. It was amazing and not delicious. It was the most delicious seafood pasta I have ever eaten since I walked the rivers and lakes. ! Come back and ponder it and do it. I feel that the taste is very similar. Share it~~



  1. Cook the pasta, add a teaspoon of salt and a large spoonful of olive oil, then add the noodles and cook over the medium heat for 8 minutes until there is no hard core.

  2. Put the olive oil in the pot and heat it, then add the garlic and sautéed with garlic.

  3. Add the shrimp and stir fry, add a small spoonful of white wine, continue to add the zucchini slices, and cut the cherry tomatoes together.

  4. Add salt, season with pepper, add color to the shrimp, and soften the zucchini, then add three tablespoons of pasta noodles.

  5. When the soup is rolled out, put the cooked pasta and continue to cook for a minute, let the pasta inhale the taste of the soup.

  6. Stir well and sprinkle with cilantro or diced green onion to serve. Sprinkle with dried herbs and taste as delicious.


The warm oil fried garlic will not be smeared, and the garlic will be bitter when fried at high temperature. Sprinkle with cheese powder and mix well, the entrance is more intense.

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