Recipe: Zucchini steamed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Zucchini steamed dumplings


This steamed dumpling is very simple. Although there is any special material in the rice, the scallions and shrimp skin are added to the zucchini, which is delicious. It is worth a try. This time, the noodles and the stuffing are just right.啥米米 remaining.



  1. Ordinary flour, add hot water and stir with chopsticks. Stir into the dough of Figure 3 below and knead it into dough. Cover the dough with a good wrap or wrap it in plastic wrap. (Then the hot noodles, the dough will be very hot, you can pour cold water on your hands and knead the dough. This is not easy to stick.)

  2. Wash the zucchini, cut it longitudinally and scrape the seed

  3. Use a seesaw to make a filament

  4. Add a little salt to the zucchini and mix well to marinate the water.

  5. At this time, wash the chives and cut them. Shrimp skin is hotted with hot water, cleaned, and removed with a colander

  6. After pickling the water, the zucchini picks up the water and smashes it with a knife.

  7. Mix the leeks with the zucchini stuffing, add a small amount of salt, allspice and oil, mix well, add the shrimp skin

  8. Steamed dumplings

  9. Press the licking dough again.揉 growing strip

  10. 揪成等大的剂子

  11. Suede, stuffed with fillings

  12. Squeeze tightly into dumplings

  13. The willow dumplings are stuffed with zucchini and leeks. Ordinary is the addition of shrimp

  14. Steam the wok and boil it. Spread the drawer cloth into the cage and put it into the packaged dumplings for about 12 minutes.

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